HERBAL MEDICINE CARE - Healing. Power. Naturally.

We’ve got solutions for the common issues that arise like colds and flu, sore throats, UTI, infections, or bumps and bruises.  We also do first-aid including sprain/strains/fractures, burns, etc. If you are looking for safe, effective, and natural urgent care and first aid for you and your family…we can help.  If it’s an emergency, call 911.  If not, call us.

WELLNESS VISITS - Prevention. Vitality. Longevity.

Are you healthy and want to stay healthy? This is where the science of Longevity and Vitality come into play.  It’s a completely different set of medicine from when your sick. This is the world of prevention. Our doctors thrive on helping people reach this health state. Annual blood work, functional blood work, physical exam (well woman exam), healthy supplements and herbal routine, a look into proper diet. We can do it all. You do this now, so you’re established with us and we’re a phone call away.

NATURAL WOMEN - Intelligent. Compassionate. Comprehensive.

You can expect individualized, intelligent, compassionate, comprehensive, care.  You will be listened to.  Dr. Southard has experience with a wide range of conditions, including menstrual issues, issues related to pregnancy, natural pregnancy, menopausal symptoms, cervical dysplasia, endometriosis, infertility and more.

Services include:

Gynecological Consulting & Services
Herbal Medicine Care
Conventional and Functional Lab Testing
Preconception Detoxification
Naturopathic Fertility and Pregnancy Support
Hormones and Menopause

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NATURAL KIDS - Holistic. Happy. Healthy.

We work with kids of all ages, from pre-conception and beyond.  From teething and colic to stomach aches to behavioral issues, we offer safe and effective solutions to assure healthy development in your child’s life. Your child matters. Whether your in the prevention stage, or attempting to reverse chronic ailments such as asthma, allergies, recurring colds/flus. We handle the simplest to the most complicated.

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LAB TESTING - Personalized. Functional. Science.

We offer our clients third party cash pay options.  There is a wide range of laboratory tests ranging from basic blood work, Functional blood panels, Nutrient testing, Food Allergy testing and many other specialized lab tests that provide us with the essential information.

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HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE - Individualized. Characteristic. Transformative.

Homeopathic treatment creates dramatic shifts in health.  We’re interested in results that are long term and transformative. Everyone LOVES using homeopathic remedies.  Kids love it!

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VITAMIN THERAPY – Energy. Focus. Instant.

Vitamin therapy is a quick way to get a nutrient boost.  It’s the gateway for lots of folks to the world of natural medicine.  Everyone loves a B12 energy boost.  We can customize a vitamin mixture to meet your needs.  Boost immunity, raise energy, increase focus, sharpen concentration, and enhance weight loss.  Give it a shot!

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HOUSE CALLS - Traditional. Family. Caring.

We provide Holistic House call services to Indian River and Brevard Counties. For information and locations, or to schedule a Discovery Session with one of our staff, give us a call at 772-321-0990.