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  • First Office Visit
  • Physical Exam
  • Follow-Up Office Visits
  • Naturopathic Doctor Supervision & Monitoring
  • Half Price Vitamin Shots
  • Classical Homeopathic Intake
  • Same Day/Next Day Appointments
  • ND Urgent Care
  • Extended hours
  • 1 on 1 Sessions with Your ND: 7 Steps to a Naturopathic Lifestyle
  • Professional Homeopathic Kit (100 remedy)
  • 10% Discount on Supplements
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Still Have Questions?

Is a plan for me?

We have created the Health Plans as a way for you to take charge of your health.  You do this by committing to a time length that is suitable for you.  With your commitment and ours, this train is bound for glory. That being said, NO- not everyone gravitates to doing the plans.  In that case, pay as you go would be your best option.

Are supplements included in the cost of my plan?

There is nothing cookie cutter about our practice.  Due to this individualization, plan prices do not include the cost of treatment recommendations including supplements, homeopathic remedies, and herbal tonics.   Just like a fingerprint, everyone is different and so is your treatment recommendations.

Are labs included in the cost of my plan?

No. We have tried to make the plans as inclusive as possible, but there are simply too many variables to include labs into the cost of the plans. If your naturopathic doctor feels that specific testing is recommended in your case, it will be discussed at your appointment.

What's ND Urgent Care?

This is where the REAL magic happens.  ND Urgent care is just as it states- Naturopathic Medicine for Urgent Care Situations. Whether it’s for colds/flus, coughs that won’t go away, or for First-Aid Situations, either minor or major- Naturopathic Medicine has a place! Most people assume that when the going gets tough- the tough goes to allopathic (conventional) medicine.  While we recognize a need for this, often times it’s not necessary.  In fact, most times Naturopathic Medicine has more to offer than stand alone conventional medicine in terms of better, faster recovery times. Whether it’s an extreme situation and our main goal is to get you stable and to come home (a case when an integrative model is indicated), or a minor situation where antibiotics want to be avoided, we can help.   This is where you see the magic of Homeopathic and Naturopathic Medicine shine.

Its included in the plans because we have seen it over and over again- when you sign up for 90+ days of care with us- everything can happen!    Most people don’t realize that we play a critical role during this time.  Not only for a faster recovery- but it also influences you chronic case as well.  So its quite imperative that we are informed when situations like these arrive.  So… we included it in the Gold and Platinum Plan.  If sometimes comes up- you know who you are calling!

* The ND 6-Month Plan includes 2-4 ND Urgent Care visits and the ND Annual Plan includes 4-6 ND Urgent Care visits.  If this is exceeded, we simply convert to a Pay-As-You Go for additional Urgent Care appointments.