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Detox with the Doctors

Have you always wanted to do a cleanse or a fast, but…not sure what to do? Guess what??  We’re going to guide you!

Join Naturopathic Doctors and fasting experts, Drs. Tice on a fasting and detox guided process.

Dr. Tice has facilitated medical fasting and cleansing with many people.  He learned directly as resident physician under Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H) at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, who is a world-renowned medical doctor and expert in spiritual fasting!

If you want to feel good and keep going in a healthy and liberating way….AND lose weight as a side effect.

This is a world-class opportunity!!  Don’t miss it!!

  • Doctor designed & supervised program

    • Program Schedule includes one-on-one sessions with the doctor

    • For active lifestyles and those who want to improve health

    • This is much more than a “Detox”

You see, there are certain concepts, tools, instruments, techniques and technologies unique to each field of expertise. Surgeons have theirs. Engineers have their tools. Naturopaths have their tools. It’s all about the training and which particular lens you are viewing the situation through. What paradigm are you living in? Even when you are given the tools and concepts, you have to have the right mental framework to use them MOST effectively. Get it?

In Naturopathy and Ayurveda, boosting vitality and the science of rejuvenation is used for healing the human system and rejuvenating the body. This concept was not taught to us in medical school or in the contemporary culture. It was not taught in grade school or science class. It is not understood by mainstream medicine and is therefore dismissed and discredited. It is not part of the dominant paradigm.


You don’t throw out the tool or technology just because you don’t know how to use it!

The truth is, vitality is real, everyone knows it exists. You know when you feel ALIVE.

The science of vitality has been taught for 1000’s of years in wisdom traditions like Ayurveda and Yoga. Western medicine can not account for the vital force energy. There is no place for it in “evidence based science”. There is no enzyme, molecule, vitamin, mineral or neurotransmitter pathway to point to. Vital Energy, Life Force, Prana or Chi….these concepts all transcend the dominant school of medicine’s paradigm. They can not explain it within their framework, so it is dismissed. They don’t get it.

Ayurvedic medicine, yogic sciences and naturopathy all attend to this basic tenet of health and longevity. One side effect (and after effect) of a good detox program is developing robust immunity and rejuvenating cellular health. Optimal health ensues when the vitality is high.

When vitality is high, one views life with an attitude of excitement and adventure. It opens the space of possibility to achieve and live your dharma and true purpose. It encourages and assists you to realize your dharma or purpose in this life.

Can anyone do a detox or drink some green juice? Sure. But, remember you have to know the full range & capacity of the tools to get maximum benefit and to experience the most successful outcomes. You have to know how to use the instrument properly to get the deepest and lasting effects. We’re going deep here…..It’s energetic surgery….You still there?

As you can see, it’s not just about “Detoxing”. It goes much deeper to the subtle layers of a person’s being. This is where I’m working. It’s much more than a detox. But, you’ve got to call it something……How’s your vitality?

Are you feeling ALIVE?

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What does the Detox with the Doctors program do? Detoxing & cleansing provides rest and rejuvenation for every level of the body, mind, and spirit. It builds the body’s vital force, our curative power, which releases accumulated toxins, clears dead cells, stimulates building of new cells, and re-balances and rejuvenates the body. As toxins are flushed from the brain cells, concentration improves, creative thinking expands, depressions lifts, insomnia stops, anxieties fade, and peace and tranquility abound. Fasting has been known to alleviate many diseases. Actually, this detox program is a technology that can be utilized to rebuild the body. It is the best form of anti-aging and is attributed to the healing of many conditions. Hippocrates said, “Everyone has a doctor in him, we just need to help him in his work.” Regular cleansing helps awaken your inner doctor. This is the basis of Naturopathic Medicine. We must understand and cooperate with the healing power of nature. It is our divine birthright as a human being. We need only release limited, outdated, and fragmented parts of ourselves that no longer serve the ultimate goal of human existence.

Is it for me? If you are walking around on planet earth today, then the answer is yes. Everyone can benefit from a detox and rejuvenation program 2-4x per year. In the modern world, there are thousands of environmental toxins we are dealing with just by walking around every day. From the air, water and soil…they are all contaminated. The good news is the body knows how to get rid of this stuff. You just have to give it a chance. Don’t worry. We will guide you.

What to expect? You will loose interest in food cravings recover from eating disorders. Due to heightened prana levels, you can expect exceptional energy levels. You will feel and look younger.
Most people lose 10 lbs – 20 lbs. You will not lose weight if you’re at your ideal weight. You can break free and overcome addictions. Chronic diseases can be healed. Pains can go away. Depression fades. As you settle into the lifestyle, you will begin to experience reasonless waves of joy and a new excitement for living.

What is every living being’s basic need? It is always FOOD. We bond over food, express our love through it, celebrate with it. It is even part of our mourning rituals, mid-morning rituals, lunch, dinner, dessert, late night snacks on and on and on. Our food is a basic survival need. Food is not the problem, but our ‘need’ of it is. Over time, for a majority of the well fed population, this ‘need’ has been translated to ‘want’ . So, we fill ourselves with a ton of varieties and unbelievable portions of food, and yet do not feel fulfilled by the experience or complete with it.

Did you know that only 1/3 of the energy for the body is derived from food. This program shows you how to derive energy from sources OTHER than food.

Are you satisfied with life? Could some of your biggest problems in life be impacted by cleansing the body? Yes. Are these things connected? Yes. Are you feeling healthy and blissful? Or are you dissatisfaction at work, insufficient at wealth creation, having relationship problems, living with physical disorders, stuck in depression and anxiety? This program will re-set the system and hardwire for bliss and productivity. Are you living the life you want to? How is your health? How are your relationship? Are you able to create the life you want?

Do I have to? In the GMO and pesticide dominated world, there is an infinite availability of questionable foods and beverages, even people on the “healthiest” of foods are not problem free. If you are slim and exercise, you may still get migraines or allergies and are often married to life-time worries of constant health-watching, calorie reading, fitness obsessed programs. Those that do not care for fitness or health are trapped in laziness, which translates as helplessness and eventually dis-ease. Food consumption and “the mind set we carry towards it”, has today, become the origin of several dangerous patterns which over time can manifest as disease as chronic disease.

What are the Benefits? Increased energy. Better concentration. Improved health. Get rid of aches and pains. Reduce inflammation. Anti-aging. Better mood. Enhanced sense of well being. Enjoy your family more.

What’s included?

Personal Attention: You’ll enjoy over 4 hours 1:1 with world renowned naturopathic doctors and functional medicine experts Dr. Adam Tice and/or Dr. Jennifer Tice.
Accountability & Support: You have access to the doctors for detailed guidance along the way. We will meet several times during your program to check in and fine tune.
Fasting Kit: Includes all of the herbs, nutrients, and supplies you will need for your program
Software Updates: You’ll have lifetime access to all program material and updated programs.
Look and feel 10 years younger. You can reverse the aging process.






“In the state of health the spirit-like vital force animating the material human organism reigns in supreme sovereignty. It maintains the sensations and activities of all the parts of the living organism in a harmony that obliges wonderment. The reasoning spirit who inhabits the organism can thus freely use this healthy living instrument to reach the lofty goal of human existence”–Samuel Hahnemann (Father of Homeopathy)