If you are considering our services for yourself or a family member, watch this first. In order to heal the body and the mind, you MUST follow certain principles of nature.  These principles are known as Nature Cure. It is common sense natural medicine.  Though the  newest trends are more complicated and satisfy the mind, the CURE is actually in the skilled application of the simple principles.  If this makes sense, proceed to schedule a consult. Our patients get better. Not all of them, but MOST of them. The WHY lies in the underlying principles we practice. Nature Cure. People who have the most success have properly understood and applied these principles.  In this 40 minutes session, you will learn these principles and why most people fail.  You’ll also learn what the biggest mistakes on the path are.  Dr. Tice will teach you HOW to use Nature Cure to heal your body and restore your health successfully.

Want to know the SECRET to making Natural Medicine WORK for YOU?

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