Vitamin B12 Clinic

Vitamin B-12 Shots and Customized Vitamin Packages

  • B12 Shots and more....

    Looking to get the “edge” up? Want boost your performance?  Want to sharpen your mind? We’ve got what you need! Come in today for a B12 shot. Or try one of our customized vitamin shots.

    No appointment necessary for Vitamin Clinic events. You do not need to be an established patient to come in for vitamin injections. If you can’t make one of our Vitamin Clinic days, not a problem, simply call and we’ll schedule you in.


  • This service is offered when we are in ND licensed states ONLY

    *Due to antiquated legislative regulation, we are only able to offer this service to our patients in states that license Naturopathic Physicians


  • Basic B12

    Great for energy, vegans, anemia, focus, clarity, anxiety, stress, memory enhancement

  • Energizer - B12 + B-Complex

    Great combination to give you the extra edge!

  • Stress Buster - B12 + B5

    Perfect combination to build adrenals and help you adapt to stress

  • Immune Booster - B12 + Zinc/Selenium + Vit C

    Potent anti-oxidant and mineral support to enhance immunity, detoxification and recovery

  • Thyroid Tonifier

    Great to support and nourish thyroid function and assist metabolism

  • Sugar Balancer

    Decrease cravings, reduce appetite, and regulate blood sugars

  • Mood Enhancer

    Regulate neurotransmitters, elevate mood, reduce anxiety

  • Relaxer

    Relax muscles and calms the mood

Weight Loss and Fat Burning Combinations

  • Lipo-Burn

    Keep hunger away and stimulate weight loss. Regulates blood sugars, boost metabolism and eliminate fat deposits.